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Telling It Like It Is! Your Numerology Vibrations for April 28, 2014


WHEEEEEE! Want to hear what I have to say?

1 and 3 are teaming up to tell it like it is. And 5 is not really going to think first. In fact, if we can shake up the troops, we probably will!

Under control, we can get a lot accomplished with our communication and words today. Perhaps you need to confront another individual, have a conversation with family, or you're into sales. It can be a very productive day for you but once again, try not to dominate the moment. 

Need to change your sales pitch, brochures, website, or business cards? Take a hint from the creative 3 and go for it.

Starting a new business or wanting new employment? Let everyone know, particularly those who would be instrumental in spreading your news. It's a day for advertising, no matter the mode of communication. 

So as we start the new week, let's have a bit of fun with this! And for those in the US, be safe and well this week - Mother Nature is kicking us once again.