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What Is The Universe Telling You? Your Numerology Vibrations for April 22, 2014


What is the lesson plan? The Master Teacher arrives once again today.

Just when we think it may have slowed down, the 22 shows up to provide us more lessons. They don't need to be major undertakings, and with the 6 Life Path Number we know that it's for our highest and best good. I would also expect it to be given with a nurturing touch.

Pay attention to what you see and hear. They could be valuable lessons for the future. Trust in your intuition (22) and sixth sense (6) today as there will be a lot of gut feelings occurring. Don't worry if there is a right or wrong answer. You will always come out where you're meant to be in the end. 

Those looking for a relationship, or spicing up an existing relationship need only focus and set your intentions forth today. Plant the seeds of where you wish to be headed. Not only are we looking at numbers of love/family, but there's a powerful vibration in the planetary alignments for future developments.