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What Was I Thinking? Your Numerology Vibrations for April 5, 2014


It's all in your head - or so these vibrations say. The 5/7 combo (our two strongest vibrations today) are cerebral numbers in Numerology. And today, we'll not only have the wheels turning overtime, but we might even get a bit "creative" with our results!

Why creative? Because 5 doesn't enjoy being bored. 7 can remain quiet for hours in contemplation, but 5? Oh no, no. It will think of something inventive and a little on the crazy side for all those possibilities. 

If you're needing answers to questions, this is a good time to set some time aside for thought. It won't matter if it's business, personal, relationships, etc., the researcher/observer is here to help. Surf the web, hit the library, scan your newspapers, whatever you're looking for in the way of movement, you can find it.

Just watch out for the 5 which may have you looking at the off-beat side of life. It may be fun today, but  you might wonder what you were thinking tomorrow.