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Clicking The Keys. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 31, 2014


Personally, I like this combo but then again, I have two 4s and two 7s in my numerical blueprint. The mind is ALWAYS going - it never stops. So today, I'll probably go on overload.
The two students of Numerology team up today and if you're needing to research information regarding people, places, or things, you're all set. With these two jockeying for head position (and they will), I expect the keyboards of the world to really be clicking away in hot pursuit of data. 
Though any business can thrive on a day like today, I'm looking to the bookstores, libraries, and information centers to be particularly busy. The hottest subjects? Psychology, self-help, spirituality, philosophy, ethics, religion, organizational skills, DIY projects for the home, landscaping, architecture, mystery, and home-based businesses. 
So, take advantage of this vibration to delve into whatever information you'd like to gather - you never know where it just might lead.

PLAY! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 30, 2014

What an appropriate vibration for a Friday! 
It says, "Gather with others and Enjoy!" If you don't have "others" to go out with this evening, you can call a friend or family member. Just make sure it's someone who wants to have a FUN, LIVELY conversation.
Look for the childlike qualities in all you do today. PLAY.LAUGH. Spend time with others. Have coffee. Tell stories. Go to lunch. Bring a fun lunch in. PIZZA NIGHT! Play cards. Play board games. Share. 
You can still enjoy the day, even if alone on the planet at present. Attend a play. Go to a movie. Purchase a new DVD (just make sure it's a fun-filled theme). Turn up the tunes. Walk in the park. Walk in your neighborhood. You can still have Pizza Night!Have your hair trimmed or your nails done (or do them yourself). 
This is not an alone vibration, so do a little people watching and ENJOY!

Change Is Not Failure. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 29, 2014

Opposites attract...or so they say. In this case, we are asked to look at our idiosyncrasies with a different eye.

In a business/personal relationship, it's time to allow each other to practice our strengths while focusing less on our weaknesses.

Also when the 11 appears, we're asked, "Is it for our highest and best good?  All things being equal and if you could go back in time, would you choose it again for yourself knowing the outcome?" If the answer is no, the 5 requests us to change it. And if we can not change it physically, we must change it mentally within ourselves, if we're opting to stay with it (11). This can apply to business, relationships, locations, etc.

By changing our perspective of situations to a more positive outlook (one that we can live with), we can reduce the stress and struggle we may be enduring.

Change - the hardest and easiest day is the day you take real action. It may be the placing of a call, the packing of a box, the writing of …

Do You Deserve It? Your Numerology Vibrations for May 27, 2014

There's a bit of artist in all of us today. But not just any type. We're looking for the portrait, the colors, or hues that bring healing to the soul. 
We may look to that of the sky, earth, wind, or fire for just the right elemental hue. We may look to quotes, photographs, or landscapes
Perhaps we'll create it ourselves. 
It's not unusual that we will long for the past with this vibration as the 9 comes out of the past and chooses to help us end those things that do not line up for our highest and best good. It does not end it without our permission - we choose. 
And with the 9 and 3, if a relationship is not to our best good, it will tug at our heartstrings asking, "Do you feel you deserve what you are receiving?" (These relationships can be personal or business). Expect this to be a vibration to also be one of "review."

Stay Safe - Stay Well! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 26, 2014

In the US, today is Memorial Day - where we honor our military servicemen and women - living and dead. 

However, coming from another country, you may not realize this as most Americans embark on opening up the summer season with a bang. BBQs, picnics, and beer will be the menu of the day and sad to say, many peoples' Memorial Day will become their own personal memorial day. Be safe out there folks - its not worth it.
The 8 centers on trying not to get away with anything, accidents can occur, and it's also that number of health. The 2 focuses on love and caring and that love and caring can be extended to ourselves. Celebrate this time in a way that is constructive and not destructive. 
For those of us that need to go to work, all 3 numbers of business are present. Enjoy the day - look forward to the interactions of your customers. Look after their needs and not your own. Create an environment that has them returning.
All in all, America - stay safe, stay well!

Setting Intentions Is Strong Today. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 25, 2014

Sunday morning brainstorming - the 7 and 1 have our full attention. 
What needs to be accomplished? We're looking at the possibility of solitary projects and goals. And though our lives may involve others, we're still focused on the things we would like to accomplish with these two independent vibrations of Numerology.
Early morning alone time is to be relished, or perhaps you're the Night Owl who will be looking forward to that time for yourself. Never the less, we're seeking a bit of solitude today.
Imagination runs wild for writers. Not the cuddliest of vibrations, it can still weave a theme from the past. These are cerebral numbers that delve into our memories, beckoning us to "write it down." 
Silence is golden today. Listening, a fine art to be savored. Setting intentions can be strong, so watch your words and thoughts. Thought creates reality. Give thanks for the day.

Set It In Motion! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 24, 2014

How time flies! We were just at this vibration a few days ago, weren't we? 
For those who do not have to work outside their homes on a Saturday, this can be an appropriate vibration to take care of family issues, family outings, and just all over family fun.
And for those who are looking for a new relationship or "family" unit to be included in, this is a special vibration just for them  It asks us to look for those who would serve in our highest and best good. (11) No, they're not our servants - this is someone who would enhance your life here on Earth. New friends and relationships begin to take place under this combo.
This is not a vibration for isolation and seclusion, so even if you value your alone time, enjoy the interactions that you do encounter (alone time comes tomorrow). 
Get out of the house - even if it's to sit on your front porch (particularly if you can see people from there). And with the 9/11 combo, set your intentions with the Universe re…

Simply The Best! Your Numerology Vibrations For May 22, 2014

Is This The Best I Can Hope For Myself?
There's one of the questions that will stir our hearts today. Both 7 and 4 will have us thinking more than usual, but the 4 in the guise of the 22 will be asking, "Is it the BEST for you?"
The master teacher/student 22 will be out in force today, asking questions and the 7 will be expecting answers. It's not just about wondering - it's about getting in there and digging for the answers. Don't be afraid to take charge of creating the life you want. Sitting and waiting for the Cosmos to do it generally doesn't make it happen. 
If you need answers to questions (no matter the topic), take action in searching for them. Let the Universe know your intention and expect an answer. You may have to go out on the porch, in a park, for a walk, etc., and allow your mind to be still for a moment. Take the time and listen to your heart and intuition. Then - take action!

Paint Your World! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 21, 2014


When the 3 and 6 comes out to play, they can be just that! 
It may be a family day that you're choosing to enjoy.
It may be that day that says, "Let's the Paint Our World with Color!"
And then again, we might just want to be changing our wardrobes! That's right....out comes the artist in us and when the 6 is present, the designer comes alive. 
Jewelry design, clothing design, floral, interior decorating, anything that surrounds us that brings out our best coloring - that's the mark of the 6. Give the 3 their palette and allow the 6 to put it on fabric and walls. 
Spruce up the wardrobe! And if you can't do it at this time, do something a bit different:
get rid of all the things that you don't wear or
that doesn't bring out the best in you! 

Come on! You know you haven't worn it for 5 years and deep down, you know you'll never wear it again. It's time to shine! Free up old space to allow the new to come in.

Forge Ahead! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 20, 2014

2/7/5*'s that vibration again. So what good is it to us to have the "Oil & Water Combo" put upon us? Well, eventually, it has to come around, but let's look at what we can glean from it. 

2 - emotional, loving, dependent, clinging, intuitive 5 - spontaneous, change, compassionate, independent, fun
Loving and compassionate surely is a good meld of both numbers. And Intuitive plus fun could also be an interesting mix. Look for the best in each if things get a bit dicey today.
Perhaps you're in a situation whereby emotional and change team up. Do the best you can because tomorrow is another day - another vibration. I won't describe it as loss because in so many situations, it's not loss - it's change. No one failed. "Everything" doesn't last forever before it changes. 
Or perhaps you're working with clinging and independent. What can you do to make it a compromise? (And compromise doesn't mean one gives in 100% to the ot…

"When the Student is Ready..." Your Numerology Vibrations for May 19, 2014

This could be a day of learning interactive skills and taking the high road when called upon. 
The 22 is the master teacher/student and today we may encounter both. Truly, a combination that speaks of 
"when the student is ready, the teacher will appear."
So what are you ready to learn? Realize that the classroom may involve circumstances and not necessarily an actual person. And if a person is involved, they may not be the type of teacher we'd hoped for (book in hand - sharing their wisdom). They may be the conduit to events that cause us to react or lead us to others that can help. 
Today, look around you to see if the "teacher" hasn't already appeared and you just didn't recognize it. If you're wanting someone's wisdom, make a request of the Universe and then allow it time to bring the two of you together.

Broaden Your Horizons! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 17, 2014

Going for a different slant today even though these are the 3 business numbers of Numerology. 

Another vibration that the three of these can bring about is socialization on a grand scale. The 4 and 2 enjoy the company of others, but 8 wants to do it a bit higher up on the rung than most. After all, show is everything.

Not unusual that you would be attending a business function/party/dinner today or a few friends "Talking Shop" over lunch. We're in the mood to get things accomplished over breakfast, dinner, or supper.

And if you are talking shop today, trust your gut feelings! The 8 knows how to make decisions with the concrete of life, but the 2 reigns supreme with their intuition (if they can just trust what they feel). You have the pleasure of the both.

All business aside, if you are one of many who'll be taking to the cafes, and restaurants today, kick it up a rung and head for something better than usual (budget allowing - 8 would like that). Treat yourself to …

Keep Your Nose Clean. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 16, 2014


Generally we associate the 8 with "getting caught" and in some respects, if I add the 7 and 1, I do get 8. But that's not how it works. We don't pick and choose what we want to make the number we want. 

7 is not only our spiritual seeker, it's our detective. It's going to dig deep to find the truth. And the 1? It's fearless in its pursuit of what it want.  Put the two together? "Keep your nose clean" - as they say. 

For working on goals and projects, it's a winner. For getting away with something, don't do it. Tomorrow, there is an 8 in a prominent location and you never want to see that occur when you're trying to keep stuff quiet. 

Now, don't think I'm talking about surprise birthday parties, or gifts hidden in the house for fun and excitement. I'm talking about those things posted on the Post Office or Police Station walls with people's mug shots attached - you know what I'm talking about. Let's not go …

My Brother's Keeper. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 15, 2014

Besides the very artistic side of 6 and 9, there is the humanitarian side. 
6 - the nurturer melds with the 9 - the counselor. We are searching for the ear that will listen, or perhaps we have the ear that listens. Its time to be your Brother's Keeper for the day. That goes for everyone. 
However, taking a page from the negative side of each of these numbers (and all numbers have a negative side), if we're already emotionally drained, today is not the day to become a sponge. You may have to give to yourself, but if you only have a penny's worth of gas, put it in your own tank. Talk to the Universe if no one else will listen because truly, "Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen".
Look for the best in others (11). Look for the best in yourself (6/11). 

PR & Business - Size It Up! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 14, 2014

PR & business are coming together today for what could be a great day at work. Allow the communicative 5 to enjoy the customer while the 8 wishes to work on the Profit/Loss statements. Though considered a neutral combination in Numerology, as a business team practicing their strengths and allowing the other the same respect, it can be a dynamite combo. 

If you don't work outside your home, the mind may be getting creative when it comes to finances. What can be changed in order for you attain what you need or want? What can you do differently? 

The 5 also speaks of change and movement. That movement can involve a different job, a new city where there are more opportunities, a commute that is financially beneficial, or the consolidation of bank accounts. Perhaps a consolidation of your bills so that they're easier to pay off. 

Whichever is speaking to you today in these fields, write down what your goals are and if you have not made any definite decisions, use the vibrati…

The Wheels In The Brain Go...Your Numerology Vibrations for May 13, 2014

For those who may or may not remember, there is a small theme song in the Wizard of Oz for Miss Gulch. She's a very unhappy individual in pursuit of ridding Toto completely out of Kansas, if she has her way. As she rides her bicycle to the Gale farm to retrieve the little dog, the music plays. And for those who are not familiar with it, take a listen...

Hear that music? That's our brain today. It's not going to stop. We've got 100,000 swirling around in there and which one do we address first? 
We could analyze ant hills today and why doorknobs are more round than square. Taking on the Fall of the Roman Empire is not out of the question either when the two analyzers and students of Numerology team up (4/7). Sitting on a bus, these two would be in all their glory discussing these topics, boring the rest of the bus to tears. (But the 4 and 7 are not going to care). 
Why? How? When? Where? What? The theme words for these two will be flowing freely. And if we don't …

Play! Smile! Laugh! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 12, 2014


I know it's Monday, but another aspect of the 3/6 combo is  PLAY! 
You don't have to take off of work to accomplish this (if you work outside the home), but you can bring an aspect of play into your work space.

Keep it lighthearted and still accomplish your tasks. Instead of harsh words, exchange well meaning conversation. Share a few stories. And if you work at a very serious job, take some flowers with you or pin up a funny photo. 
Find a way to bring a little laughter into your day.

If you're working around the house, add music to the mix. Keep it upbeat and happy. Turn off the negativity and bring something into your home that makes you smile.

Choose wisely what you listen to on TV. Being informed of every murder and harmful negative act that occurred over the weekend does how much good to your well-being? Turn it off. Bucketfuls of stress is not the mark of an adult or the 3/6 combo.

Compassion For Yourself and Others. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 11, 2014

May is going to have many occasions of opposites and there's nothing more opposite than the 2/11 and 5. 
There will be those that will be begging for some time alone and freedom and there are others that will want dependency. It's a real tug-a-pull out there today!
If this is the case in your situation, remember that both the 2/11 and 5 can be very caring and compassionate. Allow that to be your focus if things appear askew. And don't be afraid to extend that compassion to yourself as well. 

This is  not a day for major decisions, as neither vibration is fantastic at decision making. So take this as a day of rest. What do you want to do today on a pleasurable note? Make it lighthearted; make it friendly and spontaneous. Go for a ride. Travel. Enjoy the outdoors or if you're inside, grab a few action packed DVDs that create excitement. 
Tomorrow is another day - enjoy this one for what it is.

Here Come The Bulldogs! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 10, 2014

Here come the bulldogs! But you decide if they square off or peacefully stay in their own corners.

If the 1 and 4 have the same outlook on life, they can be a force to reckon with. This will work even more effectively if the 4 follows the 1's lead, OR in the mind of the 1, the 4 follows their lead. Each will also be correcting each other on the error of their ways.

For example, look at the photo. One dog says, "It's brown on white." The other responds, "It's white on brown." Really? Does it matter? It does to these two.

Whatever you choose to engage in today, try to realize that you're both probably singing the song of the other - just utilizing different words. 

As long as the outcome is the same, there is no need to dissect the journey accomplishing it.

Individual projects, particularly centered on home, home office, business, and study are the main themes. And remember, silence can be golden with the 1 and 4 walking hand in hand.

Time To LISTEN! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 9 2014

Though the 9/3 combination can be quite a creative combination, it can be quite a sympathetic one as well. 

The 5 is filled with compassion, caring not if you measure up to the Jones'. 

We find our 9s in the humanitarians of life - counselors, medical personnel, psychologists, and care givers. And together with the 3 of communication, it's time to listen and talk. Most likely, there will be more talking than listening or the same people will be performing those traits. 

Today, if you normally do most of the talking, try listening instead to those who rarely have a voice. Listeners are not wells of endless giving. 

Perform a small task for someone Give a blessing to those you pass (this can be silent) Pick flowers for someone Write someone a poem
Simple, simple things...yet they could mean the world to someone else.

How Are You Going To Get It? Your Numerology Vibrations for May 8, 2014

To start with - one of my clients asked, "Do Numerology combinations create nightmares?" No. And yes, periodically when I have an uncomfortable dream, I look at the numbered combination of that day. Most often, I'd have to really stretch to come up with a reason. 

This month, today included, we will visit the three numbers of BUSINESS. When the 4 and 8 roll around, I always talk about business, and sometimes a few other aspects of the 4 and 8. But there is really no way to get around the 2, 4, and 8 together.

This is finance, career, jobs - it's the business world. And unless one is absolutely supported by others and does not have to address their finances in any manner, we are all affected. How we choose to grab hold of this vibration is up to us.

What is it about that side of life that you need? Most people will instantly say, "More money!" Then, you know how to get it. More work. Different work. It may involve a transfer or a move to another city. It …

Brain Cell Overload. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 7, 2014

Independent & Solitary Apply Within!
Fantastic day to get independent studies and pursuits attended to. 

The 7 is not only the spiritual seeker, but researcher and detective as well. We'll have a number of these days this month, so if there is something you need to delve into, May is your month.

However, this vibration does not lend to the cute and cuddly. I wouldn't use this day to seek new relationships, and/or friendships. We're all on a mission! Not to fret - there are many "together" days upcoming.

We're thinking double time under this combination so balance out the day with a little quiet time. By the end of the day, the brain cells could be on overload.

So if your pursuit is legal, medical, scholastic (studying or finishing up term papers), seeking out material information for the home/office, there's no time like the present.

Practice Your Talent! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 6, 2014

There's going to be a number of artistic vibrations this month, which will work quite well for the artist in all of us. 

And what I've discovered is that the artists of the Earth rarely recognize themselves. They say, "Oh anyone can do that..." not realizing that others are in awe of their gift. 

Artistic work is ANYthing creative - not just painting or writing. It includes anything that the mind can create.

Today - what is your talent? Because this is a day to share it. (6/11/9)

If you say, "I don't have one", FIND A FRIEND whom you can trust, and ask them. If that person says, "You don't have any talents - LOL!", find someone who knows you and can be serious and honest for a moment in time. Everyone has talent. EVERYone. 

You may be blessed by the answer (9). Today, practice your talent!

Making It Work. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 5, 2014

In Numerology, there are actually two combinations considered "neutral". They're not considered natural, compatible or a challenge until a person gets into a particular situation. And both have to do with the number 8. 

The 5/8 combo is one of them and in a relationship, it's not always considered the best. The 5 needs freedom and the 8's mistress is the office. However, if two people only need a small amount of time together, this can be ideal. But for most relationships, it doesn't work.

In business, this combination can work IF the 8 allows the 5 its strengths and the 5 can tolerate the stuffy 8. Put 5 out front to provide the PR work and bring in the customers and send 8 in the back office to work on the P&L statements and business plans and you could have a dynamite partnership.

In today's vibrations, you'll have the benefit of both of all these worlds. It will be up to your numerical blueprint just which one you have a tendency to gravit…

Writers - Historians! Lend Me Your Ears! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 4, 2014

Put your thinking caps on! The two over-analyzers of Numerology will be at it double time today. 

Put a 4 and a 7 in the same room and they'll even question the Universe as to why it chose the decisions it did. They're not trying to say anything was wrong with it, but the student in them just wants to understand. 

This is the perfect day for research of all types. Whether you're a writer, historian, student doing a thesis or research paper, or someone who is looking for an item and wondering what the best brand is - we're seeking and reading.

Best movies today? Documentaries, historical, historical-fiction - anything that makes us think. 

The kicker will be to rest the mind at some point today. The brain can only function on overload for so long before we're just plain tired. But don't be surprised that when you lie down, you just might pick up that magazine sporting several good articles of debate. It's just one of those types of days. 

So, enjoy the libr…

Color Me Red! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 3, 2014

Artists - Unite! We haven't seen too many of the artistic combos for a bit. But the 3 & 6 have joined forces today allowing us to look about and wonder at the shapes, designs and color! 

With the domestic 6 in the mix, we may begin by looking at our surroundings (home and/or office) and wonder how anyone lived or worked here. It enjoys vibrancy, but not necessarily neon. It wants a place that you want to keep returning to and feel alive. 3, on the other hand, just wants to paint the walls! Between the two, the paint departments of your local stores could be kept quite busy today while choosing paint swatches or mixing the paint. 

In the scheme of things, paint can be relatively inexpensive when it comes to making a place your own - even if it's only one room. And if you can spruce up just one room, make it the one you're most often in. Where is your safe haven? Do that one first. 

Perhaps the paint is fine, but the decor is not any longer. Do away with the broken it…

Just Be. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 2, 2014

It's been awhile since we've run into the 2/5 combo. And perhaps we can say, "Thank goodness, it's Friday."

It's not that it's a bad combination, but when it comes to Love or Freedom, dependence or independence, staying or leaving, it's the most challenging. Opposites may attract, but to live with them full-time eventually wears a body down.

Today, is a good time to walk softly. Don't judge. Enjoy the weather (if it's good in your area). Just be....use the intuition of the 2 to hone into answers you need. Lay low. Share a smile. Light a candle. Occupy sacred space. Be....

Expectations & Intentions. Your Numerology Vibrations for May Day, May 1st, 2014

The photo today has nothing to do with the message, but I couldn't resist.

We may not agree on any particular topic today (1/4), but we can agree that the first of May always brings about real thoughts of Spring and warm weather expectations. Of course, depending where we are in the world, this may not be possible.

We have definite ideas of what we want and how we want to achieve it. The 1 and 4 know their minds and sometimes they are on opposite sides of the fence. Thus, we don't always think first before speaking to others.

However, if you're on a solitary project, expect to get a lot accomplished. With this combination, there's a tendency to focus on succeeding. So, if you need to take care of a business, personal, or a scholastic goal, start in today - the sooner, the better. You don't have to complete the goal you're aiming towards, but you can begin gathering items you need to work towards it. 

Intentions - do you have a future goal you'd like see c…