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Brain Cell Overload. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 7, 2014


Independent & Solitary Apply Within!

Fantastic day to get independent studies and pursuits attended to. 

The 7 is not only the spiritual seeker, but researcher and detective as well. We'll have a number of these days this month, so if there is something you need to delve into, May is your month.

However, this vibration does not lend to the cute and cuddly. I wouldn't use this day to seek new relationships, and/or friendships. We're all on a mission! Not to fret - there are many "together" days upcoming.

We're thinking double time under this combination so balance out the day with a little quiet time. By the end of the day, the brain cells could be on overload.

So if your pursuit is legal, medical, scholastic (studying or finishing up term papers), seeking out material information for the home/office, there's no time like the present.