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Broaden Your Horizons! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 17, 2014


Going for a different slant today even though these are the 3 business numbers of Numerology. 

Another vibration that the three of these can bring about is socialization on a grand scale. The 4 and 2 enjoy the company of others, but 8 wants to do it a bit higher up on the rung than most. After all, show is everything.

Not unusual that you would be attending a business function/party/dinner today or a few friends "Talking Shop" over lunch. We're in the mood to get things accomplished over breakfast, dinner, or supper.

And if you are talking shop today, trust your gut feelings! The 8 knows how to make decisions with the concrete of life, but the 2 reigns supreme with their intuition (if they can just trust what they feel). You have the pleasure of the both.

All business aside, if you are one of many who'll be taking to the cafes, and restaurants today, kick it up a rung and head for something better than usual (budget allowing - 8 would like that). Treat yourself to a different and more expensive place. Broaden your horizons.