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Change Is Not Failure. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 29, 2014


Opposites attract...or so they say. In this case, we are asked to look at our idiosyncrasies with a different eye.

In a business/personal relationship, it's time to allow each other to practice our strengths while focusing less on our weaknesses.

Also when the 11 appears, we're asked, "Is it for our highest and best good?  All things being equal and if you could go back in time, would you choose it again for yourself knowing the outcome?" If the answer is no, the 5 requests us to change it. And if we can not change it physically, we must change it mentally within ourselves, if we're opting to stay with it (11). This can apply to business, relationships, locations, etc.

By changing our perspective of situations to a more positive outlook (one that we can live with), we can reduce the stress and struggle we may be enduring.

Change - the hardest and easiest day is the day you take real action. It may be the placing of a call, the packing of a box, the writing of a letter and following it through, a commitment, a separation, an application, a know what it will take for you. 

Remember, a change is not failure. It is a stepping stone onto the next journey.

And with the 5 - today is a good place to start.