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Clicking The Keys. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 31, 2014


Personally, I like this combo but then again, I have two 4s and two 7s in my numerical blueprint. The mind is ALWAYS going - it never stops. So today, I'll probably go on overload.

The two students of Numerology team up today and if you're needing to research information regarding people, places, or things, you're all set. With these two jockeying for head position (and they will), I expect the keyboards of the world to really be clicking away in hot pursuit of data. 

Though any business can thrive on a day like today, I'm looking to the bookstores, libraries, and information centers to be particularly busy. The hottest subjects? Psychology, self-help, spirituality, philosophy, ethics, religion, organizational skills, DIY projects for the home, landscaping, architecture, mystery, and home-based businesses. 

So, take advantage of this vibration to delve into whatever information you'd like to gather - you never know where it just might lead.