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Color Me Red! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 3, 2014


Artists - Unite! We haven't seen too many of the artistic combos for a bit. But the 3 & 6 have joined forces today allowing us to look about and wonder at the shapes, designs and color! 

With the domestic 6 in the mix, we may begin by looking at our surroundings (home and/or office) and wonder how anyone lived or worked here. It enjoys vibrancy, but not necessarily neon. It wants a place that you want to keep returning to and feel alive. 3, on the other hand, just wants to paint the walls! Between the two, the paint departments of your local stores could be kept quite busy today while choosing paint swatches or mixing the paint. 

In the scheme of things, paint can be relatively inexpensive when it comes to making a place your own - even if it's only one room. And if you can spruce up just one room, make it the one you're most often in. Where is your safe haven? Do that one first. 

Perhaps the paint is fine, but the decor is not any longer. Do away with the broken items by either throwing them away or storing them away (if you can't part with them). Put away those things that no longer need to be in that room. And place a few things around that bring color and brightness to a room! Does it make you smile? Great! Use that. 

It's your day for moving things around - enjoy! And above all, COLOR!