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Compassion For Yourself and Others. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 11, 2014


May is going to have many occasions of opposites and there's nothing more opposite than the 2/11 and 5. 

There will be those that will be begging for some time alone and freedom and there are others that will want dependency. It's a real tug-a-pull out there today!

If this is the case in your situation, remember that both the 2/11 and 5 can be very caring and compassionate. Allow that to be your focus if things appear askew. And don't be afraid to extend that compassion to yourself as well. 

This is  not a day for major decisions, as neither vibration is fantastic at decision making. So take this as a day of rest. What do you want to do today on a pleasurable note? Make it lighthearted; make it friendly and spontaneous. Go for a ride. Travel. Enjoy the outdoors or if you're inside, grab a few action packed DVDs that create excitement. 

Tomorrow is another day - enjoy this one for what it is.