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Do You Deserve It? Your Numerology Vibrations for May 27, 2014


There's a bit of artist in all of us today. But not just any type. We're looking for the portrait, the colors, or hues that bring healing to the soul. 

We may look to that of the sky, earth, wind, or fire for just the right elemental hue. We may look to quotes, photographs, or landscapes

Perhaps we'll create it ourselves. 

It's not unusual that we will long for the past with this vibration as the 9 comes out of the past and chooses to help us end those things that do not line up for our highest and best good. It does not end it without our permission - we choose. 

And with the 9 and 3, if a relationship is not to our best good, it will tug at our heartstrings asking, "Do you feel you deserve what you are receiving?" (These relationships can be personal or business). Expect this to be a vibration to also be one of "review."