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Here Come The Bulldogs! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 10, 2014


Here come the bulldogs! But you decide if they square off or peacefully stay in their own corners.

If the 1 and 4 have the same outlook on life, they can be a force to reckon with. This will work even more effectively if the 4 follows the 1's lead, OR in the mind of the 1, the 4 follows their lead. Each will also be correcting each other on the error of their ways.

For example, look at the photo. One dog says, "It's brown on white." The other responds, "It's white on brown." Really? Does it matter? It does to these two.

Whatever you choose to engage in today, try to realize that you're both probably singing the song of the other - just utilizing different words. 

As long as the outcome is the same,
there is no need to dissect the journey accomplishing it. 

Individual projects, particularly centered on home, home office, business, and study are the main themes. And remember, silence can be golden with the 1 and 4 walking hand in hand.