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How Are You Going To Get It? Your Numerology Vibrations for May 8, 2014


To start with - one of my clients asked, "Do Numerology combinations create nightmares?" No. And yes, periodically when I have an uncomfortable dream, I look at the numbered combination of that day. Most often, I'd have to really stretch to come up with a reason. 

This month, today included, we will visit the three numbers of BUSINESS. When the 4 and 8 roll around, I always talk about business, and sometimes a few other aspects of the 4 and 8. But there is really no way to get around the 2, 4, and 8 together.

This is finance, career, jobs - it's the business world. And unless one is absolutely supported by others and does not have to address their finances in any manner, we are all affected. How we choose to grab hold of this vibration is up to us.

What is it about that side of life that you need? Most people will instantly say, "More money!" Then, you know how to get it. More work. Different work. It may involve a transfer or a move to another city. It may include a second job, or going to school to attain the skill. It may require looking at a totally different career or how you apply for a job. But you are the one that has to put it into action in order to make it happen.

The 2 is in a very strong position today, so what is your gut feeling telling you? Take a moment to be quiet (perhaps sitting alone outside), and ask the what, how, and whys you wish to know. You never know what you'll learn!

As the month goes along, we'll address other factors of the 2, 4, and 8 combo, but let's begin the month with - what do you financially want and how are you going to get it?