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Making It Work. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 5, 2014


In Numerology, there are actually two combinations considered "neutral". They're not considered natural, compatible or a challenge until a person gets into a particular situation. And both have to do with the number 8. 

The 5/8 combo is one of them and in a relationship, it's not always considered the best. The 5 needs freedom and the 8's mistress is the office. However, if two people only need a small amount of time together, this can be ideal. But for most relationships, it doesn't work.

In business, this combination can work IF the 8 allows the 5 its strengths and the 5 can tolerate the stuffy 8. Put 5 out front to provide the PR work and bring in the customers and send 8 in the back office to work on the P&L statements and business plans and you could have a dynamite partnership.

In today's vibrations, you'll have the benefit of both of all these worlds. It will be up to your numerical blueprint just which one you have a tendency to gravitate to. Are you yearning for excitement or seclusion? Are you wanting togetherness or the "just knowing you're on the planet is enough?"

It's a day to pull out the organizer and pen in a little of everything. Make it to your advantage!