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Play! Smile! Laugh! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 12, 2014


I know it's Monday, but another aspect of the 3/6 combo is 

You don't have to take off of work to accomplish this (if you work outside the home), but you can bring an aspect of play into your work space.

Keep it lighthearted and still accomplish your tasks. Instead of harsh words, exchange well meaning conversation. Share a few stories. And if you work at a very serious job, take some flowers with you or pin up a funny photo. 

Find a way to bring a little laughter into your day.

If you're working around the house, add music to the mix. Keep it upbeat and happy. Turn off the negativity and bring something into your home that makes you smile.

Choose wisely what you listen to on TV. Being informed of every murder and harmful negative act that occurred over the weekend does how much good to your well-being? Turn it off. Bucketfuls of stress is not the mark of an adult or the 3/6 combo.