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PLAY! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 30, 2014


What an appropriate vibration for a Friday! 

It says, "Gather with others and Enjoy!" If you don't have "others" to go out with this evening, you can call a friend or family member. Just make sure it's someone who wants to have a FUN, LIVELY conversation.

Look for the childlike qualities in all you do today. PLAY. LAUGH. Spend time with others. Have coffee. Tell stories. Go to lunch. Bring a fun lunch in. PIZZA NIGHT! Play cards. Play board games. Share. 

You can still enjoy the day, even if alone on the planet at present. Attend a play. Go to a movie. Purchase a new DVD (just make sure it's a fun-filled theme). Turn up the tunes. Walk in the park. Walk in your neighborhood. You can still have Pizza Night! Have your hair trimmed or your nails done (or do them yourself). 

This is not an alone vibration, so do a little people watching and ENJOY!