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PR & Business - Size It Up! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 14, 2014


PR & business are coming together today for what could be a great day at work. Allow the communicative 5 to enjoy the customer while the 8 wishes to work on the Profit/Loss statements. Though considered a neutral combination in Numerology, as a business team practicing their strengths and allowing the other the same respect, it can be a dynamite combo. 

If you don't work outside your home, the mind may be getting creative when it comes to finances. What can be changed in order for you attain what you need or want? What can you do differently? 

The 5 also speaks of change and movement. That movement can involve a different job, a new city where there are more opportunities, a commute that is financially beneficial, or the consolidation of bank accounts. Perhaps a consolidation of your bills so that they're easier to pay off. 

Whichever is speaking to you today in these fields, write down what your goals are and if you have not made any definite decisions, use the vibrations of Friday to take some all important action.