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Practice Your Talent! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 6, 2014


There's going to be a number of artistic vibrations this month, which will work quite well for the artist in all of us. 

And what I've discovered is that the artists of the Earth rarely recognize themselves. They say, "Oh anyone can do that..." not realizing that others are in awe of their gift. 

Artistic work is ANYthing creative - not just painting or writing. It includes anything that the mind can create.

Today - what is your talent? Because this is a day to share it. (6/11/9)

If you say, "I don't have one", FIND A FRIEND whom you can trust, and ask them. If that person says, "You don't have any talents - LOL!", find someone who knows you and can be serious and honest for a moment in time. Everyone has talent. EVERYone. 

You may be blessed by the answer (9). Today, practice your talent!