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Setting Intentions Is Strong Today. Your Numerology Vibrations for May 25, 2014


Sunday morning brainstorming - the 7 and 1 have our full attention. 

What needs to be accomplished? We're looking at the possibility of solitary projects and goals. And though our lives may involve others, we're still focused on the things we would like to accomplish with these two independent vibrations of Numerology.

Early morning alone time is to be relished, or perhaps you're the Night Owl who will be looking forward to that time for yourself. Never the less, we're seeking a bit of solitude today.

Imagination runs wild for writers. Not the cuddliest of vibrations, it can still weave a theme from the past. These are cerebral numbers that delve into our memories, beckoning us to "write it down." 

Silence is golden today. Listening, a fine art to be savored. Setting intentions can be strong, so watch your words and thoughts. Thought creates reality. Give thanks for the day.