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Simply The Best! Your Numerology Vibrations For May 22, 2014


Is This The Best I Can Hope For Myself?

There's one of the questions that will stir our hearts today. Both 7 and 4 will have us thinking more than usual, but the 4 in the guise of the 22 will be asking, "Is it the BEST for you?" 

The master teacher/student 22 will be out in force today, asking questions and the 7 will be expecting answers. It's not just about wondering - it's about getting in there and digging for the answers. Don't be afraid to take charge of creating the life you want. Sitting and waiting for the Cosmos to do it generally doesn't make it happen. 

If you need answers to questions (no matter the topic), take action in searching for them. Let the Universe know your intention and expect an answer. You may have to go out on the porch, in a park, for a walk, etc., and allow your mind to be still for a moment. Take the time and listen to your heart and intuition. Then - take action!