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Stay Safe - Stay Well! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 26, 2014


In the US, today is Memorial Day - where we honor our military servicemen and women - living and dead. 

However, coming from another country, you may not realize this as most Americans embark on opening up the summer season with a bang. BBQs, picnics, and beer will be the menu of the day and sad to say, many peoples' Memorial Day will become their own personal memorial day. Be safe out there folks - its not worth it.

The 8 centers on trying not to get away with anything, accidents can occur, and it's also that number of health. The 2 focuses on love and caring and that love and caring can be extended to ourselves. Celebrate this time in a way that is constructive and not destructive. 

For those of us that need to go to work, all 3 numbers of business are present. Enjoy the day - look forward to the interactions of your customers. Look after their needs and not your own. Create an environment that has them returning. 

All in all, America - stay safe, stay well!