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The Wheels In The Brain Go...Your Numerology Vibrations for May 13, 2014


For those who may or may not remember, there is a small theme song in the Wizard of Oz for Miss Gulch. She's a very unhappy individual in pursuit of ridding Toto completely out of Kansas, if she has her way. As she rides her bicycle to the Gale farm to retrieve the little dog, the music plays. And for those who are not familiar with it, take a listen...

Hear that music? That's our brain today. It's not going to stop. We've got 100,000 swirling around in there and which one do we address first? 

We could analyze ant hills today and why doorknobs are more round than square. Taking on the Fall of the Roman Empire is not out of the question either when the two analyzers and students of Numerology team up (4/7). Sitting on a bus, these two would be in all their glory discussing these topics, boring the rest of the bus to tears. (But the 4 and 7 are not going to care). 

Why? How? When? Where? What? The theme words for these two will be flowing freely. And if we don't watch out, we'll actually see smoke rising from the tops of our heads - not in anger, but in overload.

The 7 deals with stress in nature, so if it the brain's fuse box begins to blow, take a few moments to walk outside. Take in the trees, the shrubbery, flowers, birds..anything that changes the subject to an "aahhhhh" feeling. Listen quietly and allow the mind to slow to a lull - even for just a moment.