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Time To LISTEN! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 9 2014


Though the 9/3 combination can be quite a creative combination, it can be quite a sympathetic one as well. 

The 5 is filled with compassion, caring not if you measure up to the Jones'. 

We find our 9s in the humanitarians of life - counselors, medical personnel, psychologists, and care givers. And together with the 3 of communication, it's time to listen and talk. Most likely, there will be more talking than listening or the same people will be performing those traits. 

Today, if you normally do most of the talking, try listening instead to those who rarely have a voice. Listeners are not wells of endless giving. 

Perform a small task for someone
Give a blessing to those you pass (this can be silent)
Pick flowers for someone
Write someone a poem

Simple, simple things...yet they could mean the world to someone else.