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Writers - Historians! Lend Me Your Ears! Your Numerology Vibrations for May 4, 2014


Put your thinking caps on! The two over-analyzers of Numerology will be at it double time today. 

Put a 4 and a 7 in the same room and they'll even question the Universe as to why it chose the decisions it did. They're not trying to say anything was wrong with it, but the student in them just wants to understand. 

This is the perfect day for research of all types. Whether you're a writer, historian, student doing a thesis or research paper, or someone who is looking for an item and wondering what the best brand is - we're seeking and reading.

Best movies today? Documentaries, historical, historical-fiction - anything that makes us think. 

The kicker will be to rest the mind at some point today. The brain can only function on overload for so long before we're just plain tired. But don't be surprised that when you lie down, you just might pick up that magazine sporting several good articles of debate. It's just one of those types of days. 

So, enjoy the library of life today and let the thought processes flow! You never know what you'll discover.