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A Creative Gift. Your Numerology Vibration for June 3, 2014


Several different vibrations can come out of this one today, but one that stands out is the artist working alone. 

3 is one of the creative/artistic numbers of Numerology and with the 7 standing with it, the artist may wish to express themselves without the disruption of others. The normally chatty 3 may take a back seat to the 7's seclusive nature.

The writer will appreciate this vibration as they seek out the solitary location for some much needed writing. And if there are those present, it could well be a coffee shop or cafe where others present really aren't a part of their world.

The imagination thrives under this combo and stories of all types will spring forth - whether you're a writer, painter, photographer - the art does not matter. They all hold a story. 

So whatever your creative gift is, find a few moments to enjoy the art world.