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A New Slate - How Will You Paint It? Your Numerology Vibrations for June 1, 2014


After the over-analyzing vibration of yesterday, we're right back into it this first day of June. 

1, 5, and 7 are the cerebral numbers of Numerology and there's a whole lot of thinking going on! It's not going to go away, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Except for the 5, the 1 and 7 tend to be more isolating. With all these numbers teamed up together, it won't be unusual that we'll have plans and projects today, but we'd really rather do them on our own. 

Conversation can be more scholastic with some serious thought given. It's not a bad day for making and carrying out some major decisions as well - even though it's Sunday. With the 5 in a prominent spot, change is likely and there's no time like the present to get it started. Besides, we have the 1 to make sure we keep it under control.

If the day gets a bit challenging and stressful, remember that the 5 and 7 relax in nature. You don't have to go far to fulfill this either. Just walk around your yard, walk through a neighborhood, or if you have a nice view from your porch, sit and enjoy it for a few moments. Then, begin again. 

The first five months are completed and it's a new slate today - how will you paint it?