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Designing Love According To Your Feelings - Your Numerology Vibrations for June 11, 2014


Love is in the Air! 

Once again the vibration of LOVE fills our thoughts. And through the gift of free will, we are allowed to choose whether this is with a grouping of 2, a family, or the love of life by oneself. None of these combinations is unacceptable. What will you choose?

There are some who don't understand why their requests of togetherness has not been met. We are not in the future and the past is gone. Living within the moment, there is no other time, place your request without sorrow or anger. The Universe is listening and will design a partner according to your feelings. What do you feel? If you feel it is hopeless, it will be. If you feel you deserve it, you will be right. And each time you revisit these feelings, you design or redesign your goal.

The 11 wants the highest and best good for you. What will you choose? Love.