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Give. Help. Solve. Your Numerology Vibrations for June 24, 2014


The 6 and 1 - opposites so often attract. 

6 - the caring, sharing, nurturing vibration
1 - the independent thinker and doer

Each brings their unique gifts together and offers to the other what they feel they are lacking within themselves. At first, it's delightful and oh, so needed. Then, as time progresses, all those cute idiosyncrasies become...annoying. 

The 1 needs the 6 to stand on its own two feet and at times, they need it to take over (not its strong suit). The 6 needs the 1 to be more dependent, understanding, and giving in areas where it may not feel comfortable. Not fun. 

Today, we may look at each other, seeking qualities that are not the other's strong point. It is not always that they are lacking or don't wish to give them to you - it's just not their strength. You may also not possess the strength that they need and require at this time.

In which case, we may have to look to ourselves to fulfill a specific need as opposed to waiting for others to accomplish it for us. 

Give. Help. Solve. Love.