Thursday, June 19, 2014

It Is Within You. Your Numerology Vibrations for June 19, 2014


That's it! THIS is going to change!

With the number of Movement and Transformation being in a strong position, what do you wish to change? The number 1 of action will back you up and demand going forward in some capacity.

Change, however, is within you (7). 

So often I ask, "What do you want to change?" and the answer is, "I want Her/Him to [fill in the blank]." Change is not about them; it is about what you can provide for your life. 

Sometimes it's a pleasure; sometimes you'll walk a journey that you wish never to revisit. But the one thing you'll discover is that if your focus is a positive, you will come out ahead.

So...what is the change? Begin today.

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