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Leader or Follower? Your Numerology Vibrations for June 6, 2014


The leader and the follower will be matched up today. Depending on the vibrations in your numerical blueprint, you may find yourself gravitating more towards one than another. Neither is a disadvantage, unless you wish to accomplish something that takes the opposite path from the vibration you're clinging to.

If you need to go forward with some major decisions in your life, you're going to want to grasp onto the 1 - the leader, the supervisor, the CEO, the inventor. It makes the decisions and carries them out. With the 6 riding shotgun, there will be the added feature of making sure you are cared for in the process.

If what you need to accomplish is centered more on family/community/care giving, let the 6 be your guide in this matter. It's the nurturer, the domestic vibration that pulls everyone together. 

So, though they are at opposites in the world of Numerology, they both have an advantage on this Friday. Balance between the two and enjoy what each has to offer!