Monday, June 2, 2014

Love Is In The Air! Your Numerology Vibrations for June 2, 2014


Love is in the air.....

When the 2 and 6 join forces, we're looking to our present or future love! We have a number of these vibrations this months, so what a great day to set your intentions. 

Do you have a relationship that you want to spice up, or are you looking for someone new? Either way, walk out on your porch this morning (ignore the neighbors), and tell the Universe what you want. Allow it to begin the process of putting the two of you together. And as the adage goes, "Be careful what you wish for; you might just get it."  (In other words, don't just wish for "a person." In the long run, "just a body" will not do. Have a list of attributes you'd like them to have.)

If you're looking to spice one up - it begins with you as well. You can still tell the Universe what you want, then you begin the process. What would you have done when you were dating? And though one attempt may not give you the desired response, you didn't perform just one attempt during the dating period either. How many months did you work to get his/her attention? This is a good day to start......

Love is in the air! Begin......

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