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My Heart Is On My Sleeve. Your Numerology Vibrations for June 16, 2014


We all know that the 2 wears its heart on its sleeve. Caring, loving, wanting to take care of others, it scurries about the room full of people wanting them to be happy. 

7 is not like that. The number that people believe to be the most unfeeling holds a secret. A  heart most often touched by pain, the 7 knows how to build incredibly thick castle walls around itself to protect its feelings. It cares and loves from afar, so often misunderstood.

Today, the emotions surrounding one's heart can be misunderstood unless we step outside (like the 2), and dare to be vulnerable - even for just a moment in time. We may have to tell our true thoughts and feelings.

"But vulnerable is never where I wish to travel," says the 7. Sometimes, you have to travel the uncomfortable path to be recognized by another. Sometimes, you have to have an uncomfortable conversation so others recognize the caring inside of you.

"But what if they don't listen? I'll feel devastated," says the 7. And the 2 responds, "It's not a sin to care and love. Its the lack of love, that's a sin."