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Prophecy Meets Intuition. Your Numerology Vibrations for June 21, 2014


For June 21st, we merge communication, creativity, and the Spiritual Seeker all into one. 

The other interesting aspect of these two is the intuition and prophetic aspect. Three is the number of prophecy, while 7 brings in the intuition. It doesn't make us all prophets for the Earth, but we may just see things quite differently for our own lives. 

What do you envision for yourself today? For your present and/or future? It's the Summer Solstice - take a few moments to "feel" what is in store for you. Better yet, set your intentions of what you want to see. We are the creators of our reality and destiny. "You are a child of the Universe, no less than the Trees and the Stars".** (Desirerata, Erhmann, 1927)

Though the 7 tends to retreat into the background, the 3 loves to be out among others. Consider a balance of the two this Saturday. Enjoy the company of others and expect the positive unexpected

Seek out the small miracles and realize that they abound for you.