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Seeking The Soul Through Sound. Your Numerology Vibrations for June 12, 2014


I am a quiet as I am talkative. I am as social as I am embraced in solitude. I am carefree as I am structured.  

Thus lies a few of the challenges of the 3/7 combo. 

The 3 is open and will share the secrets of their soul. The 7 keeps these things tucked away in the secret places of their heart. 

So where do we find the underlying connection for these two? Our books and our music......

Both can be writers. One is the communicator; one is the student. Each has something to say but not always in the same manner. One is the songwriter and musician; one can seek the soul of the Universe through sound. 

Today is an excellent day for word and will you integrate it into your life? And what will you learn from each?