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Take The Challenge - Your Numerology Vibrations for June 13, 2014


The two hard hitters of business walk hand in hand today but so does 

fixing up your home!

4 surrounds the home for one thing. This is where we find our architects, landscapers, and interior designers. 

8 says, "I want my surroundings to look GOOD!"

Join the two together and today is an excellent day to caulk that window, re-caulk the tub, clean house, fix that loose doorknob, do a bit of painting, weed the flower/veggie garden. You know what needs to be done. 

And with the 1 firmly in the middle, we're describing people who will take the challenge of doing those things themselves.

So today, get out the tools, rags, and soap and have at it. Can't work outside, work on the inside. If your day is just beginning, choose three things to get off the computer and accomplish. 

We now have our assignments - LET'S GO!