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The Magic & Mystical of Life! Your Numerology Vibrations of June 7, 2014


2 - The number of love walks hand in hand with 7 today. But how do these two interact in a relationship?

7 can be as detached from a situation as the 2 can be attached. 

7 is independent; the 2 is dependent.

Both of them have deep feelings, but the 7 will not be wearing its heart on its sleeve, thus giving the impression that they don't care.

The 2 will be front and center while the 7 builds a silent wall around itself for emotional protection.

Others gravitate to the 2; the 7 most often sits alone (like the Hermit in Tarot).

However, where they both shine together is their ability to connect with the spiritual realm. The 2 has the intuition of the High Priestess; the 7 is the number of the Spiritual Seeker. Magic and mysticism surrounds its existence. 

Though our vibrations of today are sitting in opposite corners, there is the underlying ability to understand the magic and mystical in life. Both bring a special quality in this realm and is the basis of any successful 7/2 relationship. 

Seek out the magic of the Earth today and see where it leads!