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The Master Teacher is Questioning Us. Your Numerology Vibrations for June 27, 2014


It's time once again to trust the still, small voice within. 

9 gives us the old soul wisdom, whether it's from the collective unconsciousness, from our Guides, or from past life experiences. 

6, many times, will offer a 6th sense, and

22, is the Master Teacher. And looking at double 2s, we see an abundance of intuition surrounding it. The knowing without knowing why. 

Though a Friday, we can find a few moments to sit and contemplate what the Universe is offering us. And as we create our own realities, we have have to realize that we are our Universe. What are we offering to ourselves? 

Today is a good time to realize that the Master Teacher within us is trying to show us something about us. What is it? Why are we enduring the situations we are in? And though it may not feel good at the moment, we have the ability to change it by looking differently at ourselves.