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Will You Take It? Your Numerology Vibrations for June 10, 2014


Once again, the cerebral numbers of Numerology come together to allow us time to think and accomplish.

There's nothing soft, cuddly, and laid back about the 1/5 and it's here to get something done. What will your project be? It may be simple; it may be complex and take many days and steps. But accomplishment is the key. 

If it's change you seek, this combination is right up your alley. Not content to sit back, it will give you the added want to move in a different direction. Will you take it? 

The 1 is here to work on its own. It's the inventor, the innovator, the head of the project. Don't be surprised if you're being asked to accomplish this task without assistance. 

Today - where will you go? And how will you accomplish it?