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4/11/9* The Intentions Prevail. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 13, 2014


Miss the Full Moon intentions of yesterday? Not a problem. It is believed that full moon intentions are good for sending 3 days prior, the day of the full moon, and 3 days afterwards. So, if you feel you missed something, you need not worry. Light your candles this morning and set your intentions.

The stability of the 4 is present today as well and it blends nicely with this Capricorn Full Moon. It says, "What do you wish to manifest in the way of stability and security around your finances and work? What do you wish to manifest around the security of home?" Yet, on the other hand, the 9 looks to another side....the caregiver, humanitarian, social worker, medical provider, and psychologist. 

Are you needing cared for at present? I'm not speaking of being financially supported by another, but feeling the respect, caring, and sharing of another person? Perhaps you're needing it from your existing partner. Are you feeling a need to share what you have in this regard with another person who is needing it from you?

Light your candles this morning and set your intentions.