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Ask. Feel, Hear. Intend. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 2, 2014


When the 2/9/7 combination appears, there can only be one common denominator among them - spirituality, philosophy, and/or religion. 

All have the gift of discernment, intuition, and working with "knowing without knowing why". And even though they approach these gifts differently, they can still come to the same conclusions.

Today, what are the questions you have
bearing on your soul?
There are answers - listen.

  • Where are you going? Listen
  • Who will be walking with you on this journey? Feel
  • What vocation is calling your name? Hear
  • What do you wish to create? Intend
  • What do you want? Ask

It's all there for the asking, feeling, hearing, and intending. 
Joyful creating!