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Choose Wisely. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 19, 2014


The Leader (1) and the Follower (6)
Solitary (1) and Surrounded by Others (6)
Action-filled (1) and the Procrastinator (6)
The Aggressor (1) and the Dominating Parent (6)

Which role will you assume? Perhaps it will be one or all. It can be a challenge as the two face off either with those surrounding you, or within yourself. 

As you will also note, each number has an array of personalities, from the positive to the challenging. 

We choose with our thoughts and words which avenue we want to walk down. Personally for me, situations and events dictate that I follow the 1 (all the way down the list) as I single-handedly take on a major project alone. Your path may involve other steps.

Today - choose wisely and effectively. Though a challenging combo, it can be a most productive vibration!


  1. And never good when one takes the 1 and the other takes the 6 and you collide paths on the day! OIY!!! Wish I had jumped on this morning for this one.


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