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Feel The Answer. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 7, 2014


We've moved past the emotional combinations of yesterday and right into a bit of soul-searching today

Socially, the 7 and 3 can enjoy a one on one gab-fest any day, but there, they part ways. When the 3 invites in the crowd for a party, the 7 will silently leave to the back of the room.

However, they can always find common ground as they weave their way into the world of spirituality. The spiritual seeker (7) is now engaged with the 3 who can also be prophetic. Is every 3 Life Path a Prophet in disguise? No, but their instincts are attune if they can get quiet enough to tap into the conversation of the Universal consciousness. 

Even though it is a Monday, find some space for some quiet time. Ask but one question and feel the answer. What does it tell you and where do you go from here? The detective 7 will help you look for ways as you surf out the information online, in newspapers, at the library - it knows how to research.