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Get the ball rolling! Your Numerology Vibrations for July 8, 2014


Three things are being put under the microscope this morning:

  • Your job
  • Your money
  • Your health

The master teacher is also coming in with "is this what you want?" There is no such thing as "this is the way it has to be" on a permanent basis on Earth. Perhaps it is where you have to be this moment, but not necessarily next week. 

If we all look at where we are as a reflection of our inner selves, and we take responsibility for where we are, we also know we can change it. Somehow we all forget with time that in the past, we were the ones that said "Yes" to that job, financial arrangement, etc. Perhaps it will take a little more study on our part, a certification of some sort, or something as simple as walking into that store with the "Help Wanted" sign on the front and speaking to the employer.

"But I wasn't dressed appropriately for an interview" (a typical 8 thing to say). As a person who hires, walk into the store, tell the employer that you saw the sign and though you feel you are not dressed suitable for an interview, you didn't want to miss the opportunity (22). Ask them if you can make an appointment to come back that day when you are dressed more appropriately. That would get my attention and you would get the interview then and there. The fact that you acknowledged it and made that respectful gesture would be enough. Or they would at least give you an appointment to get the ball rolling.

With the Master Teacher in the mix, watch closely the small lesson centered on these three areas. Jot down important thoughts of "I need to take care of this" and follow through. It's a good day for decision making (8), so don't let it slip by.