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Head 'em Up! Move 'em Out! Your Numerology Vibrations for July 14, 2014


Expect the unexpected - or should we? 

5 brings us spontaneity and excitement - even adventure! And the 1 says, "Head 'em Up! Move 'em Out!" 

For all awaiting a bit of change in their lives, hold that feeling throughout the day. Focus on the goal and not necessarily how to get there. That's the job of the Universe. It's also still within the vibration of this past full moon, so miracles can abound. 

Another factor of the 5/1 combo can be the...conversations...we may encounter. Don't be surprised if "off the wall" and "unexpected" become the theme of the day. We may have to review what we said tomorrow, but in the meantime, take it with a grain of salt if the "crazies" come out to play.

It really is a day of "anything goes." We just might not see it that way tomorrow.