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Intentions For The Full Moon. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 12, 2014


With the full moon in Capricorn this morning, we also have the number 8 in a prominent position denoting decision making by either ourselves, governmental bodies, or those people in high places. 

It is also a number of finance, business, career, and/or health. 

What intentions shall we place out into the Universe concerning our stability in those areas of our lives today? And remember, health covers our emotional, physical, and/or spiritual well-being as we are not without needing a balance of all three. When one is lacking, it affects the other two. For you, what would bring the three into sync with each other?

Choose your words wisely. Use your power of communication (3) to describe in detail what you desire and want. 

Light a candle, speak to Source either directly or through your thoughts and feelings. Make it as simple or elaborate as you choose in order to get your message across. It is listening.