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Lalalalalalalalalaaaaaaa. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 1, 2014


With each new month, I'm like everyone else - what will the combos offer us all? June offered the challenge of finding the underlying positives of the day while not focusing on the opposites it presented. In looking over July, it's another month of the same. On that note, let's get started.

1 and 6 - the leader and the follower. 

1 will want to see action, and centered around the number of family, it could set feelings aside and start making great demands. "I want YOU to change and I want it NOW." 

6 has the ability to put their fingers in the ears and begin singing, "Lalalalalalalalaaaaaa......" which will only put the 1 on edge. 

Where does this put us today? Focusing on the need of community, family, and ourselves. Focus not on what needs to be done in massive quantity, but what can be accomplished in a caring manner. If things become too intense, take a break, take a walk, slow the mind down and start fresh. Begin again....