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Listening For The Answer. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 29, 2014


The 7 has been teamed up with a number of challenging aspects this month and today is no different. However, with today's 11, there are several traits that could actually make them more compatible than different. 

Intuition is running particularly high under this vibration and the ability to research what we want. It may be something small or major - it'll be up to you as to what you wish to seek answers for. The 7 is also particularly gifted at research, and detective work. Whatever you need answers to, take advantage of it today.

7 is the spiritual seeker, while 11 is the Master Visionary. What do you feel? Take time in the early morning hours (or whenever you can) and tune in to nature (7). Ask the questions from within. Perhaps grab a deck of tarot, or a pendulum, and hone your divination skills. Listening to the still, small voice within will also in be order. You don't need anything special for this practice - just faith. 

Take Time to Listen.