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Pursue the July Goal - Your Numerology Vibrations for July 10, 2014


If given an opportunity, what goal would you set for your family today? (You, alone, could also be considered "the family" in your household as well). Perhaps you set an intention on the first of July, or even took a stop. KEEP GOING!

This is a vibration that forges ahead towards the end result, while caring for yourself and those around you. However, pushing another individual into the place that you wish them to accept never works. If change is imminent, the change will have to begin within you.

Today is a good time for family night - even if you have to go to work tomorrow. It's a good opportunity for a family meeting to synchronize goals and projects. Perhaps you can take the time to work on an existing project or re-assess the goals you have for yourself.

With the 1 on center stage, this is a vibration of action. So get ready to take a few steps!