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Request! And Expect...Your Numerology Vibrations for July 11, 2014


We have the same vibration as the 2nd of July except with a twist! The 2 has taken on the additional gifts of the 11, which we will not reduce in number. And with the aura of the 9 in the background, it'll be an interesting journey!

The Spiritual Seeker (7) combines with the Intuitive 11, seeking the best for ourselves and those around us. Uplifting, being the best one can be, and motivating others to do the same, is the theme of the day. And if we can draw from the past (or the far-reaching past - 9) we may be able to use our experiences to guide us on the correct course of action.

It's a day of intention. It's a day of requesting (which is different than asking) and thanking afterwards. It's a day of reaching into the energies of this world to formulate our own creations. 

What do you need? 
What do you want?