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The Teacher, The Visionary, & The Past. Your Numerology Vibrations for July 22, 2014


The Master Teacher, teamed with the Visionary, and old wisdom from the past, could take us all on quite a ride today. In this time of great change, it will be calling us to do just that. 

And how will we do it? By surrendering to the possibilities that are being offered on our journey. Control is not the key in this combination. The key is to observe the trees - observe nature. "Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; (Luke 12:27). 

Nature does not fight against itself. The trees do not try to control the weather and the birds. They just are - bending in the wind as not to break, living among the other trees without trying to strike them down. They welcome the sunshine, as they welcome the rain, and the winter snows. Yet, in Spring, they still stand.

Today, we're being asked "Are you willing to take that journey?" We as humans don't want to change from year to year, yet it is inevitable. We don't want our limbs to move, or birds in our hair. We want to control our leaves and have the largest root base. It is the way of our world.

This is a time of contemplating the "what ifs". What IF, you bowed to your belief system and allowed the Universe to carry you on a wave of its own making? Scary? The Master Teacher, the Master Visionary, and the wisdom that is already within you - take a trip.

Good Luck On Your Journey...